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Merveille du Jour

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I don't upload many moths s there seem to be plenty on Ispot already, but couldn't resist this one.
I think the lichens may be Parmelia sp., but that would need a different posting.

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Yes, the photographs were well worth posting.

Yes, the main lichen is a Parmelia, probably P. sulcata but insufficiently developed for certain ID. There is also a thallus of a Hypotrachyna, probably H. afrorevoluta, but again too young to tell.

Interestingly, in both photographs, much of the lichen is moth-shaped ... :-)

Actually, it would be interesting to know if moths show preference for particular lichens when resting. I had never thought about the Merveille du Jour before (other than to think it is a remarkably pretty moth) but we see here just how well its pattern blends in with the Parmelia. As P. sulcata is a very common lichen on trees, it would make sense for the moth to have adapted to resemble specifically this species.


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Forum comment

Following up my thoughts here, this observation has prompted my posting in the Invertebrates Forum.
See http://www.ispotnature.org/node/376425

Probably making a fool of myself, of course.

Alan S.