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Unknown Fungi

Observed: 6th October 2013 By: BazzBazz’s reputation in Fungi and LichensBazz’s reputation in Fungi and LichensBazz’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

solitary fungi growing under beech with a cap of about 5/6cms across


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Bazz, some of your photos

Bazz, some of your photos especially of the underside of the cap come out quite dark and its not possible to see the gills properly. Do you have any software to simply brighten the photos up or would you allow me to do this and re-post to your observation (I can only do this as I am an admin person on the ispot site, no one else can do this for your observation).

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photo undersides

Hi Mike
sorry about that, will do my best to brighten them up, failing to be able to do so I will pass them on to you in the hope that you might be able to do something with them..your email address please.

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I have put a brightened up

I have put a brightened up version on. Unfortunately I am not sure it helps as I am still at a loss as to say what species it is. One confusing issue is that there is just one of them as it has something of a Hypholoma about it but they are usually in groups.
I have also brightened up one of your other images where there was this question, am just about to post there too and will put link here when its done.
in that case the brightening up has worked better and you can see the gills well.

Actually looking at the exif on the photo it seems it was taken with a samsung wb100. This has 'exposure compensation', you could try setting this to +2 when taking pictures like this that have the dark underside of the mushroom plus some bright bits of sky in the picture. BUT don't forget to switch off the exposure compensation after you have taken the picture or all your other pictures will be very washed out.