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Odd animal in pond

Observed: 1st September 2013 By: jimmymac2
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If you look extremely closely, by the edge of the mini pond there is a brown shape. This was taken on my trail cam and in the next photo the shape was gone, that's how I new the shape was there. I think the shape oddly represents a Tawny Owl (which are common in our village, though I have never seen one, only heard)but who has ever heard of a Tawny owl in a pond. The other possibility is a Hedgehog crawling out of the pond via the log we put there for hedgehogs. A Grass Snake could also be there, but I have only seen two in my garden before, one a long time ago under a rose tree and another about two years ago in the same pond. The problem with a Grass Snake is that it was at night, but I might be wrong saying that Grass Snakes are diurnal, not nocturnal.

  • Tawny Owl/ Grass Snake/ Hedgehog
    Confidence: It might be this.
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What about a clue, like

What about a clue, like top-bottom-left-right-centre? Or post the image again with a circle round the "thing"? If it could be anything from a grass snake to a tawny owl I think your chances of a name are slim, though.

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Far to easy to simply imagine an image in this, and without the comparison image I am not sure I can even find what you are talking about .

For instance I think I can see a Pheasants head about one third from the right and one fifth from the bottom. But it could easily just be a chance combination of grasses.

An edited version of your picture with an arrow pointing at this is at http://freespace.virgin.net/david.howdon/518c014ee634c547e4e1a034b2507a1...

David Howdon

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open the picture up, then you see the pile of sticks, do down until you see a little hole. this is the pond. on the right of the pond, you might just see a little face poking out. Now that I have looked at it more closely, I do think the face looks a lot like a Hedgehog.

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