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Unknown bug

Observed: 15th September 2013 By: Martin D. ParrMartin D. Parr’s reputation in InvertebratesMartin D. Parr’s reputation in Invertebrates
DSC_2559 - unknown

Beaten from a young oak

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Thank you!!

Thank you very much Joe, thats spot on - well done from such a poor picture, a great ID!
I saw your photo for this species on British Bugs when I checked it out! You are famous!

Many thansk for your help with this, it is greatly appreciated!

Kind regards, Martin

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No worries :o)

You're too kind, Martin - it really is quite distinctive once you know it. And as for the fame, I'm afraid that's a bit of a fudge... it's quite easy to get some of your own photos into a site when you've written it. ;o)

Beautiful Flickr photos, by the way - will look forward to seeing more of yours on here.

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Thank you 2

Thank you re the Flickr pics - the ones I've been posting here recently aren't mine. They are other peoples from a bioblitz we did at a local reserve. I've been trying to ID them all to complete the logs. A bigger task than we realised when we planned the event!

And I didn't know you had written the British bugs site! A tremendous piece of work and a great reference tool!

Many thanks, Martin