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Dingy Skipper?

Observed: 25th May 2010 By: js526
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The male rests with the tip of the abdomen curled upwards which is probably the 'bump' you saw on its back.


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Small Phoenix-Ecliptopera silaceata

Hi guys.
My first post by the way!
Yeah i can also confirm that this is a Small Phoenix, i have these in my Moth trap all the time. I love these Moths, they have so much detail!
The forewings of this moth are brown to blackish-brown with a black band across the centre of the wings. This is divided by pale lines.

Thanks guys

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Welcome to iSpot Phil, and agree that Small Pheonix is a smart moth!

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Thank you

I was very unsure of this after looking at many, many images. So it is Small Phoenix.
Thank you all