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Observed: 22nd August 2013 By: scubamannscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plantsscubamann’s reputation in Plants

I do not know if this is just a white variety or different species.

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Species with which Buddleja or Buddlia (Buddleja davidii) interacts


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ID comment

Just so you are aware your postings from the IOM are showing on the Global Community but they are not showing on the UK and Ireland Community. Since a lot of iSpotters use the UK Community your images may not get the exposure they deserve.

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Many thanks. I was not aware of that. In fact it was only about 2 minutes ago I discovered the Communities list on the site. There seems to have been a few changes since I last visited it.
Any idea how I change the community?

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Yep, just click on the community tab in the menu and then select the UK

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Agh, perhaps that is something to do with the drop-down tab saying iSpot needs to know my location, but I ignored because I thought they knew my location from when I signed up and gave my address.
When I make my next observation I shall try answering it.

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The observations are currently ...

... (together with all the Chilean ones) showing up on the Unread tab in the UK and Ireland community, but not on the recent changes carousel. However this may change - not filtering the unread observations by community looks like an oversight.

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I have just tried re-posting

I have just tried re-posting a caterpillar but did not seem to get the choice of community except through the drop-down "We need to know your location" which I gave. But it has still re-posted in global.
This may be because the I.o.M. is not part of the UK nor Ireland - it is independent with own flag and currency and parliament; so maybe they have to log it as worldwide.
Perversely (ironically ?) it is usually the reverse that happens; most companies, Amazon, easyjet, etc all lump the Island in with the UK northwest and it is impossible to find IoM listed as a country.
Maybe i-spot is ahead of the game. But I still cannot seem to over-ride it.

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I think the IOM just for iSpot purposes needs to be part of the UK. You perhaps need to log it as a fault.

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I o M

Whilst normally trying desperately to have the I.o.M recognised as independent, I agree that for i-Spot it would be best as UK.
It is part of "British Isles" and we are looking at British species.
I will try and log it as a "fault".

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UK Exclusion Zone

This is interesting post. One of the few that is made in the UK Exclusion Zone yet has used the UKSI Dictionary to form the post.
A plea has been made MANY times in Forum threads for Admin to modify the UK&I polygon to include the Isle of Man.
Personally I think we should have more choice over which dictionary to use.
Reading through the Comments here, might I assume correctly that it was originally a Global post and something triggered the change? It is clearly a UK&I post now.