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Ve la ucn campus guayacan

Observed: 2nd October 2013 By: nachokeweanachokewea’s reputation in Birdsnachokewea’s reputation in Birds
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¿Brown pelican?

Definitely a peruvian pelican (Pelecanus thagus). Brown pelican (a vagrant bird in Chile), unlike peruvian pelican, has blackish gular sac and dark feet. In addition, brown pelican is considerably smaller than peruvian pelican.

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Thanks Victor It's great to

Thanks Victor
It's great to have a chance to see birds spotted elsewhere in the world and test my ID skills outside my own area (UK)...I hope you and your colleagues in Chile don't mind my input into your 'patch'. :-)

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You are wellcome!

You're Wellcome, Nev Wright! Your observations are an important contribution to us, and it will be a great pleasure for me to keep reading your comments. Best regards! :-)