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Guanaco en Punta Choros

Observed: 17th October 2013 By: Miguel PennaMiguel Penna’s reputation in Mammals

Guanaco en ambiente sub desértico costero

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There are two members of the llama family in Chile, guanaco and vicuna. The vicuna are smaller and have prettier, more delicately shaped heads. I always think of guanico being in between vicuna and llamas - vicuna, small and delicate; llamas large and heavy looking; guanaco somewhere in between as with this animal.

As here, guanacos also have a grey/brown face whilst vicuna have a face the same colour as the body.

This animal is paler than the ones I've seen in Equador and Peru, are there sub-species or is it just they have a range of colours?

Graham Banwell

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