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Thorny problem for a........Yellowhammer?

Observed: 6th May 2013 By: DeeJayDeeJay’s reputation in BirdsDeeJay’s reputation in BirdsDeeJay’s reputation in Birds
Thorny problem for a........Yellowhammer?
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I must be wrong because

I must be wrong because everybody agrees with Yellowhammer but it really looks like a Linnet to me.

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I've looked at this image again on full screen. A lot of the branch is suffused with a yellow sheen. Was this piccy taken early/late in the day? It still could be a linnet in the correct lighting. What do the others think of this theory? Just bitter experience tells me the lighting on photos can be crucial, and make you jump to the wrong conclusions.
Could the picture be adjusted to take out the yellow tinge on the branch?
Just a thought!

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I took this photo on max resolution in the mid-afternoon from a long way off with my 300 zoom lens.
It was blurred slightly (breezy day, no tripod) which meant I had to reduce the shake on my PC as much as I could.
The jizz of the bird was inconclusive for me as it stayed on its perch for quite a while and I missed it flying. For me it is still a Yellowhammer....but not a 100% ID obviously and it didn't go on my day list.