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Red Lichen

Observed: 6th October 2013 By: DavidHowdon
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Quite a few patches of this up there.


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Usually, one would expect a red-fruited Cladonia of this general appearance to be C. diversa, which this might well be, but I cannot make out confirmatory characters.

However, this being on the Cairnwell, other species have to be considered. The 4th photo includes what looks like a non-fruiting podetium of C. bellidiflora, whch also has red fruits, and at the left a couple of non-fruiting podetia that may be C. borealis but a bit out of focus.

A shame that we don't have a side view of the fruiting podetia that form the main subject. I have a feeling that they are C. borealis, but cannot tell. I have added agreement to "Cladonia".

Sigh, I had intended to spend time on the Cairnwell myself, but am still out of action for medical reasons.


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I'm not likely to be back up there any time soon so I suspect this probably needs to remain identified only to genus level then.