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Smooth Sow-thistle

Observed: 17th October 2013 By: ButterflowerButterflower’s reputation in PlantsButterflower’s reputation in PlantsButterflower’s reputation in PlantsButterflower’s reputation in Plants

I'm a little confused by the large petals. Do they do that when they first open?

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You need to look at the leaves where they clasp the stem. Sonchus oleraceus has pointed auricles, but we can't see them in the photos.

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You need to drop the last "o" in your Latin name to get iSpot to recognise it.


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Identity and ligules

I'm not sure whether you have Sonchus oleraceus or Sonchus asper - the leaves look spiny and glossy enough to make the identification non-trivial, at which one has to look at the auricles.

However, I think that in the case of the broad yellow structures you have an aberration. I'd guess that they are broadened ligulate flowers.

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Thank you all. Very

Thank you all. Very interesting and I'll go back this weekend to get better photos.

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I revisited this plant and

I revisited this plant and indeed it had pointed auricles. The leaves weren't crinkled either, so I'm sure it's oleraceus.