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Speeding up?

One of the speed bottlenecks in iSpot seems to be in adding photos. I note that when the photo has been added the file size is reported as roughly 20-25% of the original. I presume that this is because some file compression is done by the iSpot servers so as to conserve disk space. It does mean, however, that the whole big original file has to be uploaded.

Has any consideration been given to downloading a file compression gizmo to the user's machine? This would only have to be done once for each user machine. The compression would then be done by the user's machine and only the compressed file uploaded. Upload times would be significantly improved and some of the load would be taken off the iSpot servers.

Worth some thought?




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Shrink photos

Could be worth adding some instructions on this and a suggested download.

Not sure I like the idea of iSpot (or any website) installing things on my computer - if that is what you are suggesting. Even mandating the use of a particular software package to do it would likely have put me off when I first started here.

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It's happening on a computer near you

Like it or not, this kind of thing is happening more and more. Something downloaded from a site we trust, like iSpot, should give no cause for concern. We just need to be told about it and assured that is has been fully tested.


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Where I first join iSpot before I became familiar with it it was not a site I trust. I doubt very much I would have joined had installing some bit of software been a requirement.

Now I might well consider it because I know the site and trust the team behind it.