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Species with which Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis) interacts


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I agree it is a Goldfinch but it is not Carduelis chloris which is the Greenfinch. It should be Carduelis carduelis.

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I'm not a great fan of "just adding scientific name" especially when new members' mistakes or omissions are being pounced on. In this case, the original poster has been a member for over 2 years and so this is simply a correction acceptable to all.

However, I feel that we should be doing everything possible to encourage newer members to contribute and not be quite so eager to jump on mistakes which are probably due to unfamiliarity with our posting procedures. An alternative would be for moderators of this group to send a personal message to the original poster inviting him or her to add a revised identification?

Is this possible? I am genuinely trying to be helpful.


Bill Henderson

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I'm not sure how practical it is to require the moderators to do more active stuff like this given the size of iSpot, no doubt resources are limited so if they do that they have to stop doing something else.

For me I think it is just best that if someone spots an error they correct it, that seems the easiest and lowest resource approach.

David Howdon