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Garden 'splat' fungus!!

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: JNTM
Typical single manifestation
Close up
Group of about eight showing a 'ring'

Each 'manifestation' (spore body?) is an irregular 'splat' on the surface if the soil about 10 cms across. They look very much as if someone had spilt a cup of soup on the ground, and ought to feel slimy, but actually have a typical dry spongy 'mushroom' texture. It looks (see third photo) as if they may arrange themselves in small rings, though the other examples are not as clear as this.
About 20 of these 'splats' appeared quite suddenly in one flower bed that runs under a north facing stone wall and is between a row of mature Thuja and a mature Silver Birch. The bed contains irises that were replanted there a couple of years ago after extensive repair-work on this section of the wall. We haven't seen these particular fungi in previous years, though in recent years this general area of the garden has thrown up a number of fungi we haven't seen before.


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Sorry not able to give you ID

Sorry not able to give you ID but good lots of info! Areas that have recent cultivcation with introduction of new compost or woodchips often produce new fungi possibly non-native!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know