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Unread tab

The Unread tab has now become completely unusable for those in the UK and Ireland community. It is swamped with observations from Chile - I've just seen two pages of Unreads in Plants with only one from the UK. Please put it back the way it was!



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If I've chosen a community then it's reasonable just to show me entries concerning that community. So, when I'm in the UK&I community, please show me only posts from UK&I.


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I'm getting completely

I'm getting completely confused with 'new innovations website' black magic for me!
I am not posting new Obs anymore and possibly will quit site because of lack of feedback on problems from iSpot. Have tried 'Local Mentor Wales' but no response.
I think I will follow Dormice and hibernate until next year!

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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Please stay!

Mark, you have a lot to contribute to the site - and probably, like the rest of us, much to learn too!

While I agree that some of the recent problems have not been handled well, I do think things are improving and will continue to improve. In particular, the speed of the site has improved sufficiently to make it usable and the niggles are being worked on when they are pointed out. Communication from the iSpot team has improved too though in this, as in other areas, there's room for further improvement.

I hope you'll stick with it and help to build upon what is essentially a fantastic resource.


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I'm told ...

... that it's being looked into.