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Lichen with pruinose apothecia

Observed: 12th October 2013 By: pf339
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Lichen with pruinose apothecia i
Lichen with pruinose apothecia ii
Lichen with pruinose apothecia iii

Whitish, areolate, crustose lichen growing on vertical surface of siliceous rocks on cliff top. Black prothallus. Pruinose, black lecideine apothecia, some convex, almost hemispherical. Chemical tests applied to thallus. C-. K+ slow from yellow to deep red, scarlett. Possibly Porpidia platycarpoides.
Wonder if the small black slits on some of the areoles are simply young apothecia or something else.


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Porpidia platycarpoides

... seems reasonable, especially given the convex apothecia, but the many pycnidia (I am sure this is what the black slits/dots are) would have me trying to rule out Buellia subdisciformis, which is also K+ yellow -> red with pruinose apothecia, but has brown, 1-septate spores.


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Thanks for help once again. Interested to find the small black slits/spots are probably pycnidia. They didn't look like young apothecia and hence query. I can also see now the possible alternative identity of Buellia subdisciformis.
Only occasional access to microscope at present so I've been trying to keep to possibly more identifiable lichens (although, I appreciate that with lichens, appearance is only a small start in making a likely identification).
The 'Fungi and lichens' group is very busy this autumn and postings are soon moved off the display panels by newer postings so grateful too for you following up and commenting on lichen postings.