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Observed: 12th October 2013 By: painteropix

Length of body approximately 12-15mm
Colour: Orange/brown
Very distinctive "eye" on middle of body

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Welcome aboard

Hi Lars

Good to have an Opiliones expert on hand.

Best wishes

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Cheers for the ID!

Never knew how Opiliones differed from "spiders" though not my best subject anyway....Is it not a little unusual to be found around 700 mtrs above sea level?


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Possibly not unusual?

Apparently it occurs at 1700m in the Alps, but that is further south! Ref - Hillyard & Sankey (1989) Harvestmen. Linn. Soc. Synopsis.

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I don't think this is an Oligolophus tridens

I don't think this is an Oligolophus tridens. See ocularium, saddle and carineous edges on legs. I can't see the typical trident of Oligolophinae but Mitopus is of the same subfamily.