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Ladybird larva approx 2.5mm long,

Observed: 16th October 2013 By: keithphotos.evanskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrateskeithphotos.evans’s reputation in Invertebrates
ladybird larva approx 2.5mm long,
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I'll be interested to see the verdict on this one - I don't know any really spiky ones except the harlequin, and the colouring would be very abnormal for that.

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Could well be, Nev...

That makes a lot of sense, and explains the similarity to the harlequin (same genus). Well done. :o)

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re above

thankyou Nev, have seen quite a few cream streaked about, best regards keith.

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hhhmmmmm, though I was going

hhhmmmmm, though I was going crazy for a minute there as never heard this species referred to as 4 spot lady bird, only cream streaked! I guess the latin name gives it away?!

Clare Flynn

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Me too

Don't worry, Clare - I was completely befuddled for a second as well. :o)

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I assume quadripunctata is referring to the 4 spots at the edge of the elyta in the form with few or no spots in the red of the elytra.