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Lynda, if you look along the menu bar at the top, select Communities and then the UK and Ireland one, you should then find the names you want with the Latin as well.

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Hi! the advice from Chris

the advice from Chris only applies if you are using the full iSpot site.
Are you using the iSpot app Lynda? if so you can search for Latin name as sometimes it doesn't come up automatically.
Give us a shout if you need more guidance.
Keep the observations coming!

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iSpot app

Hi, wouldn't it show "added via Android" if the app was being used?

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Hi Chris

Good point, but not necessarily. Most of my observations I upload with the app, yet it doesn't show.

Using the app is a great and quick way to upload observations but it means sometimes you need to search for Latin names at the moment, and Lynda is no new to iSpot so I was just pointing out that this is possible if she was using the app, as she provides as with numerous observations.

Keep them coming Lynda :-)


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I'm not using the App. To be

I'm not using the App. To be honest when I put in "Wren" the drop down list came up with a whole host of names, none of which looked like what I wanted - I was totally baffled.

I've now found the Latin name from the RSPB web site and somehow, have sorted it out.

To be honest I have a lot of trouble adding the Latin names - on my PC when I press "get recommended" very often nothing happens for ages.

Thank you Chris and Isabel. I find this site invaluable as I am only a few years into birdwatching and have a lot to learn - which I do from this site.



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Thanks Lynda. I have the same trouble with the "get recommended" button too, I understand and I will report it.

Luckily the site gets better and better slowly and glad to hear you are improving your birding skills here, I do too!!


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