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Observed: 14th October 2013 By: PhotographyGal

Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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fungus id

I think C. fusiformis is not divided/branched

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I was,

Looking in roger phillips mushroom book, and the photo in it has branching. Will have a look in a couple others.

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Looking in other books, they have no photos with branching, but the first book has, maybe I need more books! Should I leave my id on as its on as it might be this?

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Not sure if you should leave

Not sure if you should leave id. Unless i'm 100pct certain I don't put id just leaving comments. Maybe topic for Forum?
With fungi the more books the better!
I use Roger Phillips (but Latin names are getting a bit dated) also Collins, Sterry and Hughes as first sources. Also have British Boletes, Geffrey Kibby plus websites. Kibby has a number of good books on several Genera now - worth looking at.

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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I have,

I have no idea how to remove the possible identification. Will leave it on here to show my mistake, I dont tend to get many wrong but I still have alot to learn, and with Christmas and a birthday coming up books will be high on the list.

Many thanks


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Can't be done.

Once made, identifications cannot be edited or removed. It shows development of thinking on an issue.

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You can't have too many

You can't have too many different reference sources particularly for fungi! Phillips is good as starter but fungi names have changed alot since published. Collins, British Mushrooms and Toadstools is more comprehensive and more upto date names. But for alot of Genera you need to go to more specialised books - Boletes(not so simple!) maybe Geffory Kibbey British Boletes. I'm not putting confirmations on id's anymore unless 100pct sure. Comments below id's yes.
I'm not here for 'Brownie Points' just trying to share my Obs, learn somethings and share my limited knowledge.

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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I will get more,

I will get more books with time, and if the wife allows. I enjoy it here and I am learning something new everyday from all of you guys. I am going to get things wrong from time to time in my eagerness, note to self, I must slow down!

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Be warned

My work room has five bookcases of fungus books, that then extend into a large bookcase on the landing and then into the guest room.

Possibly you CAN have too many different reference sources!


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Well, I will invest in the future and buy a couple more, not sure I will ever get as experienced in fungi as yourself, but I am off on my first ABFG foray soon, a real shame today's was cancelled due to the storm approaching Cornwall. Better to be safe than sorry!