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Long-tailed Tit

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: Ray Turner
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Part of a very large mixed flock of tits and a chiffchaff.

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Wall of sound

Anyone who spends time in woodland or the like in autumn or winter and is at all tuned to nature will have experienced being enveloped by a flock of tits. Yesterday I experienced this but in an order of magnitude I’ve never experienced before.

Walking through a woodland ride (mixed deciduous with hawthorn scrub) I became aware of a very high pitched wall of sound. Continuous and unbroken it was actually quite disorientating and I was unsure of its cause. It was only after a while I realised that I was now enveloped by the sound and then I could discern individual calls. The sound was the very high ‘peep peep peep’ contact call of the LTT being emitted by the largest mixed flock of tits (and the odd chiffchaff) I have ever encountered. So many the calls were melding into this one sound.

Utterly spell bound I only got the camera out after the event was over, the flock having passed through, and managed to capture a few stragglers. I didn’t even attempt to count them I was that mesmerised.



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...also known as cutus

...also known as cutus maximus!