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Large white funnel

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: Paul RobertsPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPaul Roberts’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Large white funnels in small group by woodland ride in mixed deciduous wood. Among hazel, oak, field maple, willow, ash and birch.


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I think more likely to be

I think more likely to be Clitocybe geotropa Trooping Funnel. Looks like right habitat and appearing around me at present. Sometimes you see them forming rings

The more I know the more I realise I don't know

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i think you may be right

i think you may be right Paul. although admittedly, i dont know the species well. however, i have seen C geotropa plenty of times including this week. i dont think your fungi are those because they generally have a longer stipe which is concolorous with the buff/flesh-coloured cap. your specimens have a short, white stipe, forked gills and generally appear large and chunky; all of which perhaps points towards L giganteus as you say

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Thanks, yes I wondered about Clitocybes - C. geotropa is a good suggestion but book shows stem usually taller and cap margins inrolled. Still not sure. Also looked at Lactarius - there are three, possibly four, species of Lactarius within 20m of this spot (one seeming to troop in arcs, part of an incomplete ring?) Will keep looking, suggestions and IDs very welcome, thanks again, Paul