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Spider in my shed

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: Tregellist
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Hi Trevor,

I think you've left the 't' out of Steatoda.
You can use the edit function to change it.


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Sorry, my arachnophobia showing through there. I have hundreds of these little fella's in my shed, but I can't speciate them. any ideas?

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Zygiella x-notata

Thanks folks. Also known by the common name silver-sided sector spider. I'd like to hear Ed Milliband try to say that one. You've managed to convince my wife that she won't get bitten when I send her out for logs, so well done!

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Never heard it called that

The more common name (I think) is missing sector orb weaver, because its webs often have two sectors without any cross threads. I reckon it's the second most common spider in my garden

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missing silver side orb what?

I think I prefer the scientific name on this occasion!