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Sweat bee nesting aggregations


I'm studying the social behaviour of sweat bees (small mining bees) for my PhD at the University of Sussex. I need to compare social behaviour at different sites within the UK, which will involve observational studies- but as anyone who knows sweat bees will be aware, their nesting aggregations are very hard to find!

Is anybody aware of either Lasioglossum calceatum or Halictus rubicundus nest sites? Any other sweat bees would also be of interest.

Any help would be hugely appreciated.

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I found L. malachurum nesting in reasonable numbers (10s rather than 100s) on a couple of sites in Northamptonshire a couple of years ago (let me know if that's of interest), but I haven't seen calceatum nests recently. I've sometimes seen aggregations of bee burrows along paths at the edges of fields, but their numbers seem to vary enormously from one year to the next. Good luck with finding sites next year!

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