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Sika deer stag

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Sika deer stag
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This is one of the very dark sikas, probably a Formosan Sika (Cervus nippon taioanus) originally from Taiwan.

We've had many sika on iSpot of various sub-species. I was talking to a deer enthusiast the other day who said there is some disagreement about sikas in Britain. The Deer Society say that though many sub-species were introduced to Britain's parks only the Japanese (Cervus nippon nippon) is free living. However, as here, and elsewhere on iSpot, there appears to be free living sika from other sub-species - he agreed with me that more than just the one sub-species escaped from captivity in deer parks.

If this were not the case then you have to ask are they true sub-species or just colour forms as there are clearly animals which fit the description of other sub-species living free in Britain.

Graham Banwell

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