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Which gull is this? (with the egret)

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: fredtheredfredthered’s reputation in Birdsfredthered’s reputation in Birdsfredthered’s reputation in Birdsfredthered’s reputation in Birds
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Bright red legs and pointed red beak, quite a large bird

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Thank you - I didn't realise

Thank you - I didn't realise they had white heads in winter. It did look very large, it seemed to be keeping company with an egret for all of the time I was watching them, and seemed to be almost the same size.

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Yes, they just retain a dark spot behind the eye in winter.

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Egret and gull

I sometimes find the size of Little Egrets very hard to 'pin down' in the field - they can seem almost the size of Grey Herons at one moment and then hardly bigger than, say a Black-headed Gull the next.

I vaguely remember an article in British Birds about this years ago - so perhaps it's not just me! (and individuals do vary in size quite a lot - there was a photo on ISpot that showed this not long ago as well).

Alan Brampton (Benson)