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Dead hen salmon

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Otter Kill

I have never come across otter kills myself, but some angler contacts have suggested to me that they are not keen on otters returning to their stocked waters, because they do not (I guess aren't able to) consume much of the fish they kill.

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Hi John, I'm an angler

Hi John,

I'm an angler myself and I have experience of otters comming to stocked waters that they previously didnt frequent, ie the addition of fish drew otters after a period of time. Its inevitable really, anyone wishing to introduce fish anywhere(in my case it was rainbow trout) should be aware that otters will come and nothing will prevent it. Its parr for the course, I would welcome them but they are going to have to be taken into consideration in the stocking budget. Its the likes of me and other anglers who have carried out fish stockings who are responsible for attracting these mammals so in my opinion it must be accepted. Enjoyed is maybe even a better word. I personally wasnt aware of otters leaving too much fish uneaten, I havent seen many examples of the above but then again, if an otter was to leave bits of fish about foxes would probably scavange the remains before we humans would have a chance to see most of them.


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Fish Stocks

Hi Cathal - many thanks for your feedback. I agree that anglers and their societies have done a huge amount to improve fish stocks in many rivers and waterways. This work, along with the improved water condition has led to the return of many birds and creatures. I also understand that at least one fish hatchery is working to repopulate waterways with native crayfish stocks too.
Good point about the likely cleaning up process of partially-eaten fish by foxes. John