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Alder Leaf rust

Observed: 15th October 2013 By: dejayM
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Taphrina alni
Undersides only
very close
alder and willow

For three years running Alder Tongue (Taphrina alni) has appeared on my 6-8 yr old trees. Also seen here is a yellow leaf rust.
This appears on the lower (under) sides of a few leaves and is not widespread.
Undersides of leaves ONLY but local willows show a yellow rust on both sides. Close scrutiny shows the Salix version to be a little different in form (not colour)
There is quite a lot of inaccessible text-material (plenty of photos) on the web but a very close lookalike here (Dave Fenwick again)
Whilst accepting that this posts will attract few agreements and that careful scrutiny of a specimen by an expert is preferable and that it has not been recorded north of Appin, I am convinced - easy to say!
I can easily reduce the ID to Melampsoridium Sp.


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There is an interesting

There is an interesting article on Melampsoridium hiratsukanum here

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Yes Mike - thanks. I had noted that this is a recognised disease of Alnus incana, which leaves (get it?) me wondering whether 'my' local trees actually are Alnus glutinosa.
Oh dear then, open one door but always leave the one behind ajar!

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if you want to tell between

if you want to tell between the alders i happen to have recently produced a nice picture of the three common species you find in uk.

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Yes Mick thanks. I had seen your nice show somewhere recently but in a different form (not pdf) - it's very good.
You do not show Red Alder, (Alnus rubra) - I think I have one or two youngsters here. Would you know, off hand, if there are hybrids?