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Strange Jelly-type Fungus

Observed: 9th October 2013 By: TechotenTechoten’s reputation in Fungi and LichensTechoten’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

I came across this strange jelly-like fungus on the branch of a fallen oak tree. It was quite large measuring about 25 cms across. Nothing really matches it in the fungi books I have, except maybe Tremella foliacea. Has anybody any ideas??


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Might be this fungi, though it says, grows 3-10cm in size, this might be a whopper. Also its not really the same structure, as t foliacea is quite leafy?

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Tremella foliacea can be

Tremella foliacea can be bigger than 10cm but as fly agaric points out it is 'leafy' whereas your structure looks like that of Gyromitra. Its the wrong habitat and time of year for the very large Gyromitra but I have seen some other Gyromitras growing in Scandinavia in the autumn but none as big as this.

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Thanks to you both for the help

I went back a few days later to check whether it may have a stem but the whole thing had vanished, not a sign of it anywhere.

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Stranger and stranger. If it

Stranger and stranger. If it was a Gyromitra then I think some people do collect and eat them bit they can be poisonous if not prepared properly.

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It is not oak bracket.

It is not oak bracket.

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I don't think it is oak bracket because . .

I don't think it is oak bracket because . . it was very jelly-like and wobbled about. There was a small piece left on the branch which I took home and it dried out to a tiny speck so it must be mostly water.

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Oak bracket is a tough thing

Oak bracket is a tough thing nothing like the texture or structure of this fungus.