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Risso's dolphin

Observed: 3rd December 2010 By: oli_yatesoli_yates’s reputation in Mammals

Large dolphin, in the bay of La Herradura / Guayacan, Coquimbo, Chile

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No doubts, this is a Risso's dolphin, but what a picture!

I've spent many hours watching Risso's off the coast of Wales when I worked on a small island there; though I never saw one breach more than a bit of porpoising - certainly never so dramatically.

Thanks for the picture; I know a few people here on iSpot will be jealous of such a good sighting and picture - I am!

Graham Banwell

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Hi Graham, thanks for the kind comments. They are very active here and frequently breach, often many at the same time and in pods up to several hundred strong!
Amazing animals.

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