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Seen at-sea off Brazil at about 30° south and some 50 nm from the coast

Observed: 3rd July 2009 By: oli_yatesoli_yates’s reputation in Birds
Norethern Royal Albattoss 1
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Royal albatross

Welcome to iSpot.

I agree with it being a Royal albatross and it is a juvenile with so much black on the upper wing.

However, juvenile Northern royal albatross have dark speckling on the crown of their heads, whilst Southern royal albatross (Diomedea epomophora) don't; as with this bird.

Both species have the same distribution around the South American coast (IUCN Red Data web site maps).

Threfore, I would suggest this is a Southern royal albatross.

Graham Banwell

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Thanks Graham, interesting! Be good to hear more views too.

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Royal Albatross ID

These, as are all the large albatross are tricky to pin down from observations at sea. It is a good photo and that helps. I have a similar shot of a bird in on 3 February 2014 55S 66W to the west of Staten Island.. In my limited experience I would not say in was an immature. Look at the illustration in Olney and Scofield 2007. Your photo does not show extensive dark flecking on back or tail coverts. Tail is pure white too. I will put my shots up in the next hours.

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Satellite imaging