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Different Language

Today, when I logged in, all the captions were presented in a language other than English.

Possibly Chilean, even when Global or UK & Ireland selected.

Just logged out, then clicked on UK & Ireland in iSpot header bar and then logged back in again, and the Chilean? language was replaced by English again.

Do we have to select the Community before logging in now? Or is this a temporary glitch?



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It seems to me that all the

It seems to me that all the recent and current problems are the result of inadequate (or non-existent) beta testing of major changes to the site. Effectively, the beta testing is being done after the 'improvements' have gone live, where it should have happened long before that, so that all the glitches could be identified and removed. A lesson for the next time?

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I'm still not posting new

I'm still not posting new Observations because there still seem to still alot of Gremlins on the site.
Very frustrating!

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Beta testing

Thanks to everyone for the comments about bugs and issues coming through as a result of the internationalization. I can confirm that beta testing was conducted on an approval server but the move to internationalize was required as part of a specific research funded objective so needed to be completed on a specific date and as a result there are a series of bugs which are being worked through and the developers are responding as quickly as possible to address any remaining problems. We do rely on the community for advice and support on improvements and because this is such a comprehensive and fundamental change to the environment we were expecting it to be unsettling. We do want specific help around things such as how to indicate to people which community they are within and how to manage content to allow those that wish it to engage both as identifying at a global level and also being part of a more local geographical community. There is a translation service which is being tested with Spanish on the site but should not normally appear. If it does appear then please report it. Thanks for your assistance and my apologies for the disruption, I hope that over time you'll come to see the benefits of the community model, especially when organisations begin to use it for describing regions and areas of specific interest.

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This is all getting too

This is all getting too complicated for me! I'm going to let things settle down for a FEW WEEKS before I post any new Observations. In the meantime IF I can access site and post comments I will. 'Technical problems' on site are all Black Magic for me

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If you post your sightings in the UK and Ireland Community you are using the same species directory as before all the changes. It seems that the directory for the Global Community is not overly compatible with all British species.

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Chris is correct that the UK Species Inventory is much more complete for UK and Ireland than the global Catalogue of Life dictionary is (but of course the global dictionary includes many non-UK species). So if you want to ensure that you are using the UK names, please check that you have chosen the UK and Ireland community when adding identifications to iSpot.

If you are in the UK and Ireland community you will see this at the top of the page (immediately right of the iSpot logo) where it will say:
Global >> UK and Ireland

You should only have to choose this once, and the site will remember it (but you can change your choice if you wish).

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Once all this is complete and there are a number of communities to chose from (I hope we can be in multiple; my list would be UK&I(or better yet Europe), Africa and North America) it will be a right pain to have to keep swapping communities every time you want to make an observation. It would be much better to have a dropdown list, say, that we can select the appropriate species dictionary from.



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Do I gather that this research funding is from Chile, being as most headings are now identified by a better linguist than myself as being Chilean? (I had assumed Spanish.) Have we been taken over? How long do we have to learn the language before posting in Chilean becomes compulsory?

Just curious. :-)


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I understand that Spanish is the official language in Chile. Does feel like a take-over!

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See ....

... for a summary of the linguistic situation in Chile.

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Alan, some of iSpot's funding this year has been directed at making the site more effective for international use (something that iSpot users have requested as well), but there is no specific funding connection with Chile, and nobody from anywhere is trying to "take over"!

The reason Chile appears in the communities list is that iSpot currently has an opportunity to work with partners in Chile and a community has been set up in order for that to happen.

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I did include a smiley.

I was merely and gently poking fun at the site on discovering that all the headings were in Spanish/Chilean. Maybe my point was too obscure.

It had seemed fixed thereafter.

However, the Spanish/Chilean headings are back this evening and I have stopped smiling. It's annoying. Why cannot this stay fixed?


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Ah, hadn't realised that was still happening, haven't seen it myself, but will add to the snagging list - thanks Alan.

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I have only seen this after midnight, if that is of any significance. (Thinks: Chilean time zone ...)


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and again

I don't know if this helps, but here, in the small hours of this morning, headings all in English until I logged out, and it went back to Spanish/Chilean again.

After refreshing the page, logging back in and clicking through to this forum, still Spanish/Chilean.

Viewing with Firefox and cache has been cleared since the other day.


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Chilean spots

I may be in a minority here, on two counts: I enjoy seeing the Chilean spots, and I can read Spanish.

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It all went foreign

when I tried to access the site today. All of the captions etc. are in whatever this languague is (Spanish). I've accessed and logged in as usual through so no idea why it has happened.

David Howdon