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Cupboard Mushrooms

Observed: 10th June 2006 By: Gemmor

A truly awful old camera phone picture of some mushrooms growing on the hardboard floor of my walk-in cupboard. They were 5-10cms tall, and the same wide.


No identification made yet.

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was about to ask for some

was about to ask for some more pictures but then saw the date, presumably they are not still growing there?

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No, unfortunately

By the time I had someone with a camera visit, I think it was only a day or two, they had completely disintegrated. And they never returned. I've since cleaned it to use as an actual cupboard...

It was such a surprise when I moved in, but I'd completely forgotten about it until I was going through the old photos. I knew a good identification would be a long shot, but I thought that it might give it a go... It would be nice to know :)

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Oh I've forgotten to

Oh I've forgotten to mention...

This was an INDOOR cupboard of a first-floor flat!