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Field scabious

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Field scabious has a hairy stem and dainty lilac-purple flowers. It used to be a very common flower of hay meadows and is valuable for our nectar-feeding insects. It flowers from July through to September.

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Species with which Devil's-Bit Scabious (Succisa pratensis) interacts


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Devils Bit

I couldn't quite decide on this one, so thanks for the help.


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In Succisa all the flowers are more or less the same ...

... and more or less actinomorphic, while in Knautia and Scabiosa the outer flowers are large and distinctly zygomorphic. To distinguish Knautia and Scabiosa count petals. (Alternatively, while I rely on the inflorescences, the common British scabiouses can be distinguished from their leaves.)

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Devils bit ....

I will have a look at one under a hand lens next time I get the chance. Thank you for all your time.