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"hide filters" and community indicators

Not sure if thess count as a problems or a minor personal niggles.

Once I set my desired filters I "hide all filters" and the list of choices collapses. However, if I navigate around the site and move to, for example, the forums, then back to observations, the filter boxes are once more displayed down the right hand side and I once again have to "hide all filters". Perhaps the default setting for these should be "hidden" rather than "visible" as it is annoying to have to keep shutting them down.

Re the "Global" or "UK and Ireland" communites, would be be possible to indicate / highlight which community one is currently in on the site, I'm can't be sure by just looking at the header.



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The community ...

... is highlighted at the top of the screen (to the right of the iSpot logo (at least on some pages)).

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Not on my screen it's not - I see "Global" next to "Uk and Ireland" in the same color with no indication as to which is active.

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As I understand it ...

... if you're in the Global community the UK and Ireland bit isn't displayed, which is in accordance with my observations from what happened when I dropped into Global to get the taxonomic hierarchy for an observation of a South African orchid.

(We are getting Global and Chilean observations, but I think that is due to people getting defaulted into the UK and Ireland community.)

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Also ...

... in my browser the Global and UK and Ireland are in different colors (slate-blue and orange-brown).

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That is because they are hyperlinks

and you have browsed to the "UK and Ireland" link (possibly through the communities menu rather than by clicking on it directly) but not the Global link.

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While a plausible hypothesis ...

... it isn't correct. I have also browsed to "Global", but it still comes up the usual slate-blue.

iSpot highlights in your current community in orange-brown, and also several other things. It may behave differently with different browsers, or with differently configured browsers.

In the case of the "UK & Ireland" it seems to be a result of the text being tagged as being of class "last". (I'd have to peruse the CSS files to be sure.)

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This is so much 'Black Magic'

This is so much 'Black Magic' for me - I think I may just go to hibernation like my local Dormice and wake up in the spring and try again!


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"hide filters" and community indicators


As others have said, the trail of links at the top of the page (immediately to the right of the iSpot logo) should always tell you which community you are currently joined to. Once you join a community iSpot should remember your choice (until such time as you choose a different community).

At the moment there are only three variations that you will see:

Global >> UK and Ireland
Global >> Chile

So you can always see which one you are currently joined to.

Regarding your point about the filters I've added that to our wishlist to sort out in future.

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Thanks Martin - it was the "Global UK and ireland" that was confusing me - I thought that was 2 separate things.

Could I suggest amending it to just "UK and Ireland" to avoud this problem.

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