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Archbold's Newtonia !!!

Goodness knows where "Archbold's Newtonia" came but it appears to have emerged as the common name for "Lissotriton" on this Observation.

Tried it again and pressed "Get Recommended" but no name came up.



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It is a bird, Newtonia

It is a bird, Newtonia archboldi. It will have matched with 'newt' in this wonderful new Global community to which we all seem to belong.

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Perhaps because I clicked "UK and Ireland" is the reason it didn't come up for me when I entered an ID.

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I am guessing that it was free-typed somehow because we don't have any name-strings in the UKSI database that would fit *Archbold* :)

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It will have been posted

It will have been posted under the 'Global' setting, where it is presented when you type 'newt'. It is called 'progress', apparently.