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Pollen beetles on wood anemone

Observed: 5th May 2013 By: John EmmsJohn Emms’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn Emms’s reputation in InvertebratesJohn Emms’s reputation in Invertebrates
Pollen beetles on wood anemone

Many beetles on a number of wood anemones

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John. Waiting for interaction, of any sort, is sometimes like waiting for the end of the World here.
I am in the same boat, as it were, with this
It is SO frustrating seeing so many people agreeing to Chaffinch or Peacock butterfly (say) and so few people even LOOKING at our efforts.
Notwithstanding though - I am pretty certain that these are what you suggest but I cannot agree on a single picture and no description and, perhaps, some supporting evidence. Sometimes a picture is not enough.
I wish you more luck with the recent Small Fly!

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I know what you mean, Derek!

I know what you mean, Derek! though I'm quite often delighted to get expert responses to fairly obscure observations. Some people are particularly and frequently helpful. But I've got a few just hanging around. I've thought about posting a couple of them again to see how that goes. And thanks for the advice. My problem (apart from the unreliable photographic technique) is that only since I retired, quite recently, have I developed an interest in insects beyond the what you might call popular stuff (lepidoptera and odonata). So I know naff all about 'em and scarcely know what to look for. But it's fun learning. That explains, incidentally, why I get on I-spot, 3 stars for invertebrates, which I know very little about, and only 2 for birds, of which I have over 60 years' experience - it's only the invertebrates I tend to ask for help with and inevitably some of my suggestions have been agreed with. I don't see the point in putting up pictures of birds whose identity I know perfectly well, just to get people to agree with me.... And I've never yet seen a recent observation of a bird which someone else (usually the person who posted it) hasn't already definitively identified.

All of which means I can't help with yours, because I don't have any expertise to apply. Though someone once belly-ached at me for not giving him the credit of agreeing with his ID of my observations - though how I could agree (as opposed to merely gratefully accepting his expertise) when I had no idea myself beat me at the time.

I've only just seen your comment by the way. I'm not on here as regularly as perhaps I should be.