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White bee

Observed: 22nd May 2010 By: markstruttonmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebratesmarkstrutton’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Hairy bee, 10-15mm long with broad body. Sparse white hair on brown thorax. Dense white hair on abdomen. White furry face. Very long black hairs on front tarsi. White fur on rear tibia - no pollen baskets. Legs otherwise black. Clear wings, with 2 sub-marginal cells. On stinging nettle. Possible scoop in gaster, but could be artefact of imaging. Flight behaviour quite restless and far-ranging, rarely settling.

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Not Anthophora

Anthophora would have 3 submarginal cells, not 2

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Yes, Anthophora!

It's true that if there were only two submarginal cells that would rule out Anthophora, but if you examine the photos closely the three cells can just be seen - the second and third cells are relatively small in Anthophora and are not shown very clearly in these photos but they are there.

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For those who are unfamiliar with submarginal cells they are illustrated well in this Canadian key, see the links to Fig. 1 and Fig. 2 in the key:

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Your helpful comments much appreciated