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Ui plant nr Wallhausen (Helme) Bhof p1

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Ui plant nr Wallhausen (Helme) Bhof p1

The 'drooping daisy'please.


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It's hard to distinguish ...

... Matricaria chamomilla (syn. M. recutita) (scented mayweed) from Tripleurospermum inodorum (scentless mayweed) from photographs.

The former has aromatic flowers (rub your finger across the capitulum and sniff your finger), but this can be difficult to detect at this time of the year, while the latter has scentless or weakly sweetly scented flowers.

The other easyish way of distinguishing them is that the form has a hollow receptacle, and the latter a solid one - to check either cut a flower in half (finger nails will do the trick), or rub off the flowers.

Anthemis arvenis (corn chamomile) and Anthemis cotula (sticking mayweed) are similar but rarer plants.

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Matricaria chamomilla.. the one that more often has reflexed florets.