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Daisy with pointed leaves (4 pictures)

Observed: 12th October 2013 By: stephenmidstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plantsstephenmid’s reputation in Plants
Full plant in brambles

Pointed leafed daisy growing up about a metre supported by brambles. In a grassland area of a park

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Thanks for the ID cerigait. I thought Michaelmas daisies were mauve. What is missing from the photos? I tried one pic for leaves, a flower, one to give scale and one overall. What would have been better?


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The common white aster ...

... is Aster lanceolatus, but this has long narrow leaves.

Your plant looks sufficiently unusual that I was considering Erigeron (specifically annuus) as an alternative identification (but dismissed it on the grounds that Erigeron has narrower ligules).

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Michaelmas Daisies

These are very tricky to ID. You need to see exactly how clasping the leaves are (or not) and the details of the phyllaries (green bits under the flowers) which are subtle and probably need experience getting used to the variation.


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It does not look like one of the usual ones, so I suggest sending some to Rodney Burton who has an interest in London flora. Sparepenny Cottage, Sparepenny Lane, Eynsford, Kent DA4 0JJ.