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Deposit c 25sep13

Observed: 25th September 2013 By: Lyreslider
Deposit c 25sep13
Deposit d 25sep13
Deposit f1 28sep13
Deposit e 06oct13

It was not possible to identify any filaments running from the deposit on the grass to the soil. The appearance was like couscous, but the consistency rather gelatinous. Some deposits had dark spots, others without. It was a dry spell. The location was close to a cherry tree that had fruited well.
One of the deposits with dark spots was removed with the grass to a tray. After rain fall and a couple of weeks later the white part had somewhat dissolved leaving dark grains of a caviar like appearance, see below.


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Mystery deposit

Many thanks David. You've given me a lead which has taken me to Myxomycota ceratiomyxales and also Physarum cinesium or Physarum cinereum, this latter is illustrated growing on grass.

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On grass

It is almost certainly Mucilago crustacea. Yellow through white finally black interior spore mass.

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