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Unknown droppings

Observed: 8th October 2013 By: martin rogers
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These droppings were deposited on top of grouse droppings - there were others fairly nearby on their own. They appeared to have no 'texture', being very smooth; on first sight they looked rather slug-like.
I previously put this observation under mammals, but could it be a bird?

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still think this is due to a change of diet by the grouse,I saw similar yesterday only more red which I assumed was due to them eating blaeberries or suchlike.
For instance "berry droppings"by blackbirds at elderberry and bramble time look more like rat droppings and are often reported to me as such.
Had this been late Spring I might have suspected broody droppings which look very similar to this and are produced by incubating adults(certainly in the case of poultry and pheasants.)...g

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Red Grouse Droppings

Both droppings are by Red Grouse.

The smooth ones are produced after long periods of inactivity, e.g. roosting or incubating. The presence of both types of dropping together suggests that the bird roosted overnight in this spot, excreting the the standard coils soon after it arrived and the smooth ones at a later time.