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DSC03806 Hairy Curtain Crust close-up

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DSC03806 Hairy Curtain Crust close-up
DSC03805  Hairy Curtain Crust

I already added these images for id of the fungi which was successfully done - now can anyone id the mossy looking things (brypophyte presumably unless a lichen)


No identification made yet.

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This should be in the Fungus Group for the best result.


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He was asking for an identification of the moss ...

... rather than the fungus.

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Thanks lavateraguy

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Bryophyte tag

I am requesting that you add the tag Bryophyte as this will act as a further aid to its likely ID by virtue of attracting those who specialise in mosses and liverworts. Thanks in advance,

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MICK: Tag "Bryophyte" has been on this record since I created it

I am now posting similar images for Id to the relevant Facebook group which is much better than iSpot, which I no longer use for any taxa. Far too frustrating an interface, and poor results.

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However I do think you should, via the iSpot forum, make the admin team aware of your critique, and even add to it.

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Ispot feedback

Just saw your comment Mick - I have given extensive feedback to the ispot team since the start. Most ideas were agreed with, but limited resources have meant not much was done. Last night, for first time in months, I tried to add another observation.

I think I spent close on 30 minutes trying to add a single obs into iSpot. It crashed at least 4 times with messages like 'Bad Gateway 502' or just was incredibly slow. Awful system and I remembered one of the many reasons that I don't use it any more.

My Broadband is running at over 200Mbsec which is very fast (I checked), so the problem is not here.

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I dont know what happened, - it was reported on the forums at

It apparently started on Saturday and was not attended to until this morning. It is now running OK it seems.

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Tag wrong way to go!!

It would make far more sense to add the ID Bryophyta which would link it to the dictionary and allow it be presented in the
* dictionary collections (note the children and dig deeper)
* browser collections

If you use substandard tools, expect substandard results.

That said, iSpot has a pathetic interface for experts to input into it and some ideas have been put forward to the 2016-2022 development plan. More here: and here:

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Not with regards to having it picked up by projects. Other than that I agree.

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Wrong filter. Rather than use the tag filter, use the taxonomy filter: far more efficient. Anyone can add an ID, only the user can add a tag.

And we have requested (dont know if it will materialize) two further filters:
* only perfect matches (i.e. no children)
* all children except species level.
These should allow incomplete IDs to be picked up by experts.
But these should be in an advanced filter box: not the standard box.