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Diptera - Psychodidae - Moth Fly indet 49

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Moth Fly indet 49
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Mick, you've got a lot of these languishing in the Help with Confirming.. carousel.
I can't help with ID's (who can?) but it is an interesting area and I WOULD like to help with some additional research.
That you are quite experienced with these things and, I suspect, have exhausted all the resource available, means a dead end for me.
Two things, though, I'd like to say; one is that scale in pictures would be quite useful and some ID or Descriptive notes would make it easier for anyone trying to help - I am.

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this is not my area of expertise at all, but I am really intrigued as it looks like a great species!!

Bring more pics and details to get the experts identifying please!

Such an exciting creature


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Drain Flies, Sewage Flies, Filth Flies

Isabel - I am two hours more experienced than this morning (when I wrote the comment).
These are midge sized, no kidding (adult body length 1.5-4 mm; larvae 3-10 mm)
That Mick and a few others can get such excellent photos is one thing, separating out the various Genera is another but as to Species, well...! Joe Botting sent me this link http://www.ispotnature.org/node/373860 worth repeating here.
Joe - do you think this is one of those areas where ID's from photos is 'impossible'?
If so, we would be in the hands of the poster who would expertly key them out for us and proffer 'I'm as sure I can be..'

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Hope springs boingily...

The point of this little exercise, Derek, is that I think a lot probably *can* be done from photographs... but it's a group where traditionally it's all been done through dissection, after removing the scales. It may be that like some other groups, the traditional way isn't needed as much as is normally thought... but to check that we need ones that are definitely confirmed in order to 'calibrate' the markings in the photos. If that makes sense... it's going to be a long process. :o)

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Not a trick of light Joe. To

Not a trick of light Joe.

To all concerned re Psychodidae notes, you will be happy to know I am as from now.