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Diptera - Psychodidae - Moth Fly indet 41

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Moth Fly indet 41
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Striped thorax?

It's hard to do much with this picture, but that looks as though the thorax has longitudinal stripes, which is different... however, it also looks rather battered, so I'm not going to regarding that as necessarily a real pattern.

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Mick, you've got a lot of these languishing in the Help with Confirming.. carousel.
I can't help with ID's (who can?) but it is an interesting area and I WOULD like to help with some additional research.
That you are quite experienced with these things and, I suspect, have exhausted all the resource available, means a dead end for me.
Two things, though, I'd like to say; one is that scale in pictures would be quite useful and some ID or Descriptive notes would make it easier for anyone trying to help - I am.

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You might be interested in

You might be interested in this thread, Derek... it's my fault there are so many psychodids around here at the moment. :-D

I'm keying out what I find, but the problem is that it's now late in the season for them, so I'm not finding many at all. Next year we should be able to really get going properly with them...

Do you want a copy of the key? It needs a microscope, but is not as hard as it might be. If you do, contact me through British Bugs and I can pass it on.

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thanks but

Thanks Joe but no Joe, not just now Joe. I am up to my neck with 'easier' things. Perhaps when I'm old, perhaps when the darkness arrives, perhaps after Christmas, not now.
The link http://www.ispotnature.org/node/373860 has so many sub-links that I will be following them awhile yet. I am very impressed with the general photography (Paulo, Jane, Valerie, WLR, Mick etc..)
Based on your loose ID I have agreed because well, because it IS a Mothfly and most probably Pneumia. http://www.diptera.info/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=51508
I don't think you need any more encouragement!
I am passively, very passively, following that site.
It's my fault for trying to follow too many things :-[

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Know the feeling...

But every now and then I have the weird urge to throw myself into something new as well as all the existing hobbies. A bit like a lemming, really. ;o)