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Friend or Foe

Observed: 31st May 2010 By: Ipomoea_B

Saw these cavorting on parsley today. Any idea what they may be?

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They are Sawflies - but I'm

They are Sawflies - but I'm not sure what sort

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Thanks for the ID! Don't have

Thanks for the ID! Don't have any gooseberries in the garden, but plenty of damage from sawfly larvaes (or however the plural of larvae is spelled), so that explains a lot. In reply to kitenet's comment, the abdomen of the flies were solid yellow, which perhaps doesn't come across well in the photo.

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Single larva, several larvae :-)

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Sorry, didn't make that very clear: Nematus ribesii should have yellow on the thorax and antennae, as well as the abdomen. However, there are quite a lot of sawfly species that are black and yellow! Were these ones associated with any plant/larvae in particular?

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