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15-20cm sea fish

Observed: 10th October 2013 By: notpopnotpop’s reputation in Fish

lots of these around at present

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Rather hard to say from the

Rather hard to say from the picture may be a young herring if it has not keel on belly and smooth gills
Sprat has keel on belly smooth gills
Pilchard has rounded belly ridges on gill covers
Shad has keeled belly and ridges on gill covers
Hopefully this will allow you to id the species

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Hi Notpop and

Hi Notpop and Pirayaguara,

This isnt a Clupeid on this occasion. Here is a juvenile pollack (that I posted some time back) to show just how curved the lateral line is behind the pectoral fin on a pollack.

I said above its the only thing to go on but its really the only thing easily singled out to confirm the ID, shape and remaining colouration are correct for coley.


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Posting on iSpot is a bit like fishing,I just knew Nightfly would bite this one !
Have added my agreement as,the more I thought about the fish after posting,the more I felt it was Coley

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Hi Notpop,Its a pretty

Hi Notpop,

Its a pretty definite young Coley going by the straight lateral line. You were right I did bite. I just catch quite a lot of these and pollack and I well remember the difficulty of separating the 2 species when I first fished my local coastal waters.