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Unknown plant in Cairngorms

Observed: 25th September 2013 By: Neil Pratt
plant - Cairngorms

Was asked by a friend if I recognised this plant. Taken in the Cairngorms somewhere, but I'm not entirely sure of the location or the particular habitat it was found in.

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which plant? can see Calluna,

which plant? can see Calluna, Vaccinium myrtillus and Empetrum (don't know mosses)

Tim Rich

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which plant is intended?

There's a moss, which might be a club moss, and two plants which might be ericaceous (but one could be one of the alpine willows instead). Which is the plant of interest?

Last time I was that area (cutting across the Cairngorm ridge to reach Beinn Mheadoin) there was a club moss present.

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Which plant is intended?

Apologies - it's the mossy looking golden green plant. My first thought was some kind of Hylocomium, but it doesn't match anything in the books and charts I have.