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Colourful nudibranch

Observed: 10th October 2013 By: dejayM
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morning Flow

A very small, pale animal, with tiny bright yellow or orange appendages.
Delicate but very tolerant to handling; seemed able to excrete a stickiness, making it hard to detach from brush.
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What a great observation!! Not only the pics and description are great, but the ID comments from dejay M are so useful!

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Notes and Flow

I was amazed how small this, only just seen, nudibranch was - books say max 18mm. When one looks through Web-Images, such as here one gets the impression that they must be a handful. This, though, was only 9mm long.
I could not photograph it in the field (in the sea) because of its size. Once home, it was a jolly and carefree animal and did not resist careful manipulation with a fine art brush. But it was, nevertheless, too big to take advantage of my low power (x20 - x80) bino-scope, so I had to resort to careful camera-work and enlargements.
The coin picture (for scale) was taken with the aid of a slide lupe - seen. And, for the first time in my posts, part of Scapa Flow is shown in P5.
I took notes at the time of first study (ID Notes) - always a good thing because, in an effort to match the ID, descriptions can get contaminated by technical language from books or Web.
A nice thread-series here
Worth clicking on 'Show factsheet and all related messages'
Good sequences here
As is often the case, I have used the Lumix LX7 for this post. It is a perfectly pocketable camera.

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Thanks Isabel, for your comment.
It is above mine (unusually) because I was editing Notes n Flow when you came.
Perhaps, only perhaps of course, you might Agree?