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Slow Worms

Observed: 10th October 2013 By: wortmaggotwortmaggot’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptileswortmaggot’s reputation in Amphibians and Reptiles

I gave up using my compost bin for garden cuttings when the slow worms took over a few years back. The contents of the bin have also become a very active ants' nest too, but the Slow worms are not all bothered by this. I took this pic this morning after removing the lid very carefully.

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The slow worms will not mind

The slow worms will not mind you using it as a compost heap, that's what attracted them in the first place. The rotting compost generates heat which keeps them warm - important for a reptile, and attracts lots of invertebrates for them to eat.

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Hello Masked Marvel...I have

Hello Masked Marvel...I have no problem with the thought of adding more plant material to the compost bin, but when it comes to the thought of sticking a fork in to turn it or use it, I am worried I may prang them... or their young. Thankyou for your advice though.. I suppose it wouldn't harm to add more green stuff for them... the ants would probably appreciate it too.
As for invertebrates, I hope the slow worms are munching their way through the large amounts of slugs and snails that appear on warm days after rain.

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Helen - slugs and snails are animals too - gorgeous things!